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Why retail companies are choosing the Fleet platform

The Fleet platform acts as a single source of truth for your multi-channel retail fulfillment.

With accurate order management, daily dispatch planning, smart rider allocation, dynamic and scheduled route planning and end-to-end visibility, reach customers faster across varied fulfillment channels, save on-road time and build greater trust with your customers.

Fulfill delivery promises at scale
Fulfill delivery promises at scale

From accepting orders to allocation, route optimization and tracking, manage the complete order cycle on a single platform.

Utilize the full potential of your fleet
Utilize the full potential of your fleet

With real-time order allocation and smart fleet mix recommendations, ensure your fleet is working at optimal capacity everyday.

Make on-time deliveries the standard
Make on-time deliveries the standard

Delivery partners can keep track of upcoming deliveries, plan the quickest routes and upload important proof of delivery details on a single app.

Run a tight ship, always
Run a tight ship, always

Track and trace every delivery in real-time with our platform, and counter any possible delays through timely alerts and notifications.

Engage in meaningful dialogue with customers
Engage in meaningful dialogue with customers

Build better loyalty by sharing real-time their delivery status, ETAs and order updates with your customers.

Get the bigger picture
Get the bigger picture

Uncover and resolve underlying inefficiencies through our platform’s deep analytics and gain actionable insights.

Enhance customer satisfaction with successful First Attempt Delivery Rates (FADR)

Enhance customer satisfaction with successful First Attempt Delivery Rates (FADR)

With delivery windows getting compressed, a delightful customer experience becomes a key differentiator of growth. The Fleet platform

  • Enables your customers to choose delivery timings based on their preference and convenience
  • Empowers your last-mile delivery operations by scaling more orders per day based on the graded priority and available resources
  • Minimizes inaccuracies in the last-mile by keeping your delivery staff well informed, thereby reducing missed deliveries
Mitigate on-ground blind spots with advanced track & trace

Mitigate on-ground blind spots with advanced track & trace

Disparate on-ground visibility limits dispatchers’ ability to quickly respond to escalations, a key factor in causing delays and missed deliveries.

With a customized tracking link for enhanced visibility across multiple channels, the Fleet platform

  • Offers a bird’s eye view of fulfillment activities, allowing retailers to anticipate and resolve potential hurdles
  • Builds more transparency and trust with customers by sharing real-time ETAs and turn-by-turn navigation updates
Scale demand variability

Scale demand variability

As peak season hits, retailers find it tough to navigate the logistical crunch. The high demand and low supply account for longer lead times and more unhappy customers.

With the Fleet platform you can

  • Ship through Fleet's vast carrier network and allocate upcoming orders based on real-time business and order-specific constraints.
  • Easily manage and respond to demand variability by leveraging a smart fleet mix.
  • Accommodate order volumes of any scale with a choice of diversified fulfillment options
Smart scheduling for optimal resource utilization

Smart scheduling for optimal resource utilization

A high driver attrition rate–nearly 91% is one of the major concerns among retailers. Unbalanced schedules, long working hours, and unplanned tasks are also long-standing challenges for brands.

The Fleet platform:

  • Powers your driver scheduling process by organizing driver shifts & tracking vehicle availability in advance
  • Enables dispatchers to plan for upcoming holidays, drivers' day-offs, and sick days
  • Allows you to tactfully distribute workload among available drivers and play a significant role in making them happy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fleet can help your end customer know where his/her goods are, the ETA of the goods, any possible delays/diversions, among other notifications. We can customize the number of touch points needed depending on your requirement.

Yes. You can send across a tracking link to the customer so that he/she can view where the last-mile rider is, in real-time.

Fleet' route optimization is based on heuristics and meta-heuristics. Fleet provides operationally feasible and optimized routes as compared to the other software in the market.

We do release updates periodically, but don't worry, these will not hamper your operations.

Yes, the Fleet delivery app can captures time stamp information, on various instances, using which the actual unloading time can be computed.

Yes. Real-time traffic parameters and route restrictions for different types of vehicles are considered while planning.

Fleet can help enhance customer delight by providing supply chain visibility to the end customer. The end customer will know where his/her goods are, ETA, delays/diversions and other important notifications. Fleet can customize the number of touchpoints as per the requirements.

Yes, a multi-pickup and multi-drop usecase, where each customer drop has a specific vendor pickup or a buyer-seller combination, can be handled on Fleet.

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