QSR Dispatch

We all know Uber. Imagine if Uber had to dispatch every trip request manually, it would be impossible right! Well this is the problem a lot of businesses face with last mile, and we at Fleet have solved. Our dispatch suite of tools allows you to dispatch in an Uber like way, and many more for different dispatch needs. 

Embrace automation and leave manual dispatching behind. Our powerful suite of tools ensures optimal efficiency, faster deliveries, and reduced costs, making it the ultimate solution for your last mile challenges.


Dispatch ultra fast & smart

Use our automation tools to manage high delivery volume, ultra fast. Provide your customers with the best possible service by creating fine-tuned automations to suit your unique needs.


Once created your automations run 24 hours and reduce the need for dispatchers, orders will be auto-allocated based on your configurations.

2 hours a day saved per dispatcher

2x deliveries completed every hour

Happier Customers

Fleet offers multiple automations, to list a few:

  1. Order Stacking: Automatically bundle and allocate multiple orders near each other, assigning drivers efficiently, and streamlining routes.
  2. Proximity Availability Dispatch:- Orders are auto-assigned to the nearest available drivers, minimizing delivery time and maximizing productivity.
  3. Self-assign: This allows drivers to take control, they can self assign using QR codes or order/receipt numbers.
  4. Cost-Based Optimization: Save on expenses by allocating orders to lower-cost drivers like electric vehicles or in-house fleets.
  5. Other automations include: Scheduled Dispatch, JIT (Just In Time) ,Zone-Based,Batched Dispatch

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