Bio Foods increases vehicle utilization and reduces cost

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Bio Foods, which recently won 3 awards , is a leading processor and marketer of premium dairy products in East Africa. They run complex logistics from sourcing products from farmers and suppliers, to distributing it through modern trade to retailers like Carrefour and other major clients.

With a premium brand, mainly focussed in the B2B delivery space they needed the right tools to scale up and deliver on-time every time.


Bio Food products runs an in-house fleet that cater to their business clients on a daily basis. One key element in the dairy industry is temperature control and maintaining on-time deliveries. 

Without a route planning solution, maintaining on-time delivery while understanding the different delivery time-windows of their customers ensuring on-time delivery is tough. Fleet’s route optimization which considers delivery time-windows when generating optimal routes helped Bio Food’s logistics team quickly and easily manage on-time delivery.

Tracking temperature the exact moment a driver arrives at a client was also made possible using Fleet’s platform which easily integrates into any system with API capabilities. Using Fleet’s driver app has greatly increased efficiency of their fleet as well help introduce live tracking and other important reporting capabilities.

Lasting results

“We managed to integrate Fleet into our existing systems quickly. We’ve achieved substantial fuel savings through optimal routes, our products also get where they’re needed on-time.”

Deliver on-time, everytime.