A One-Stop Logistics Solution for Your Business

Fleet delivers on all your business needs - from online store integration to performance tracking and order management. Whether you're an online or brick-and-mortar enterprise, Fleet’s logistics and supply chain solutions are perfect for your entire business.

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We Are at the Forefront of SaaS Logistics Software Development

Our dispatch management platform is the ideal logistics optimization solution for any business. Thanks to cutting-edge algorithms and intuitive workflows , we help you turn your logistics departments into growth hugs,where you can maximizes productivity and customer satisfaction.

65% reduction in dispatch and sorting time
95% route mapping accuracy

with our delivery- tracking link

35% reduction in cost

Avoid commissions on deliveries

35% increase in profits

No more juggling between apps

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Branded order tracking
Tech is the missing piece in your delivery operations Make work easier for your drivers and dispatchers Fleet gives your customers a tracking link and ETA with every order. Providing visibility for your customers. Customers can also rate deliveries through Fleet, giving you more visibility.
Make work easier for your drivers and dispatchers
Fleet’s driver app provides your drivers with features to track cash collected, plan routes and communicate with customers and dispatch. Fleet driver is integrated to payments allowing drivers to collect mobile money and card payments.
Increase orders completed per driver per hour
Using Fleet’s route optimization each driver can complete 2.5 orders per hour compared to 1 order per hour without Fleet.
Digitize & Automate your dispatch
Reduce the headache and resources needed to assign orders using Fleet’s automated order assigning tools built on AI. Fleet automatically dispatches orders, increasing speed and reducing the number of staff you need..

Route Planning

There are no limits on when, where, or how long you can use Fleet. With it, you can easily handle the thousands of monthly orders and routes your business processes.s

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Real-time Tracking

Customers will appreciate being updated on the progress of their deliveries, and you'll appreciate always knowing where your drivers are.

Send Routes to Drivers

An efficient and user-friendly web interface, paired with a sleek mobile app, gives drivers access to their orders and directions between stops

Customer Feedback

If your company has delivery problems, you can fix them faster with the help of customer feedback. You can also enhance the quality assurance

Your Fleet on Your Fingertips

Save Money, Save Time

Fleet marketplace has reduced our active client’s logistics expense by 30% on average

Reliable & Flexible Capacity

Access capacity when you need it, any spike in deliveries is covered by access to our large courier network.

Improve Quality & Compliance

Always know the status of your shipments, with live tracking and SMS updates for you and your customers.

Boost profits

Companies using our technology have seen an increase in a 35% increase in profits by reducing required delivery resources

Tailor-made solutions for every business

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Using data and analysis to improve logistics and cut shipping costs.

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Home Services

Giving your staff the tools they need to improve output and performance.

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Improving productivity by balancing out the different types of fulfillment

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Last-mile delivery efficiency, fueled by machine learning, will help improve customer satisfaction.

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Industrial Services

Using our intelligent, self-learning technology, we can help maximize your field staff's productivity.

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A better way to oversee your fleet, assets, and agreements

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With fleet you can optimize and scale your last delivery operations faster than ever before.Automate route planning ,dispatch , reconciliation and boost your delivery