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Kyosk, a leading distributor of FMCG products in Africa, has seen rapid growth over the past 3 years and has now expanded into 7 countries. High growth meant high logistics costs, with a fleet of over 600 vehicles of different combinations; vans, trucks, 3 wheelers, managing, dispatching, reporting and analyzing data all became a huge undertaking. 


Kyosk was having many challenges regarding visbility, cost and 3PL management (since 80% of its fleet is outsourced). They manage invoicing from over 50 transport providers is challenging especially with different currencies, contracts and more. 

Kyosk also required better route optimization, and vehicle utilzation to deliver more without adding more vehicles. This would have a direct effect on bottom line as well service delivery time. At the time they were running this using over 100 google spreadsheets.

Fleet’s route optimization which also considers load capacity helped Kyosk achieve an average 95% vehicle load capacity utilization across the board. This had a positive effect on the loading processes used by Kyosk, as Fleet provides a packing list with every route. Kyosk’s team was able to quickly move into last in first out packing.

Using Fleet’s carrier management and analytics helped Kyosk’s logistics team better understand which transporters were performing, the cost to serve per region and much more. Fleet’s accurate delivery reporting assisted their finance team better manage invoicing and reconciliation per vehicle per transport provider.  

 Fleet’s network of carriers, and transporters provided Kyosk with access to a transport network in both Nigeria and Kenya, assisting them to deliver tens of thousands of tons of FMCG products to their customers at low cost, this helped them launch new markets fast!

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“We moved from over 100 google spreadsheets to 1 simple easy to use platform. Fleet is a no-brainer for any serious last-mile business.”

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