1,000% growth in order volume, while maintaing on-time delivery

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MyDawa, which recently raised a 20m$ venture round, is Africa’s largest online pharmacy that offers telemedicine, e-health services and its main product , delivery of pharmaceutical products.

With staggering growth , and growing customer expectations MyDawa needed to adapt fast! In any e-commerce business customer churn is directly related to the delivery experience of end consumers. MyDawa started using Fleet to manage their last mile delivery in 2019.   SLA adherence and track delivery performance, this includes customers reviews and ratings on every delivery. 


SLA adherence and ensuring delivery time promise to customer was one of the challenges MyDawa needed a solution for. Fleet was able to provide their delivery team tools to measure delivery time at each point of the journey, giving a true SLA value for every order from customer purchase time to receiving their products.

As order volumes grew it became important to track customer reviews and ratings to ensure delivery was great. Using Fleet’s order management tracking, searching , filtering orders was a breeze. Tracking delivery reviews and ratings on a per order, per branch or per country was also made possible using Fleet’s customer experience tracking tools. 

Lasting results

“We consistently hit SLAs and have witnessed a remarkable increase in our NPS score, and repeat buyers.”

Deliver on-time, everytime.