Nordsee uses Fleet to auto-dispatch 3,000 orders a day

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Nordsee, a fast food chain based in Norway since 1985, had seen a massive influx in online orders and was planning to open up more branches. Their current dispatch system was slow, manual and creating delays in delivery time ,which reduced customer experience.


Nordsee faced a critical last mile challenge in fulfilling online orders from their vast network of physical stores. Coordinating deliveries from different locations to various customers within the same area was a complex task. The lack of an efficient delivery management system led to delayed deliveries and customer dissatisfaction.

Nordsee needed an all-in-one Delivery Management Platform that would manage dispatch with little human intervention. Fleet’s automated dispatch helped solve this issue, with no need of having branch managers involved. Fleet launched location auto-dispatch and order stacking in 150 locations in less than a month, this had a massively positive impact on both Nordsee’s employees and customers.

Orders were out for delivery 65% faster than before, averaging 22minutes delivery time and less than 3 minutes in dispatch time. 

Fleet offers various auto-dispatch modules. You can read more about them here QSR dispatch.

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“With the seamless automation and efficiency from Fleet, Nordsee’s food delivery service has reached new heights and now competing with Uber Eats speed of delivery. Our customers are delighted! “

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