Route optimization 

Fleet’s route optimizer instantly and automatically plans the most efficient routes based on the number of stops, delivery time windows, driver working hours, vehicle capacities, and more.


If you’re planning your routes manually, you know about the sheer mass of information you need to consider — available drivers, service areas, vehicle capacities, and delivery time windows, to name a few. And the more stops involved in these routes, the more complex they become.

Manually planning routes is time-consuming and can become unmanageable as your company grows. As the number of stops and routes increase, the number of hours spent planning them do, too.

Fleet’s algorithm automatically runs every possible route for you in a matter of seconds. Route planning is ideal for large delivery volumes.

Get the power you need to grow your business

Plan & Execute Accurately

Reduce your Carbon foot-print and be efficient with your last mile operations every-time. Give your team technology to allow them to quickly plan thousands of orders with 100% accuracy. You can customize the optimizer to work with your companies goal, be it;
  • Reducing fuel usage or carbon footprint,
  • Meeting customer delivery time windows,
  • Simplifying route planning as a whole,
  • Hitting a certain vehicle utilization,
  • Evenly distributing work amongst your drivers,
  • Complex mixed fleets with specific restrictions
Efficient delivery results in happier customers, and higher revenue

Happier drivers, 99% predictable shifts and less over-time.

100% accurate on-time delivery, within expected time-windows.

Dispatch to your driver app

Drivers need proper tools that Google maps or Waze just cant provide.

Fleet’s driver app provides accurate ETAs for each address, the shortest route to each customer. More importantly your driver app provides order sequencing based on customer expectations and time windows, reducing errors entirely. Drivers can also see relevant information for each delivery be it documents, the items for the customer, or other alerts and notes.

2 hours a day saved per driver, figuring out delivery sequence.

Save time on route planning, 4+ hours everyday.

Control tower

Allow your team to monitor in real time , route progress per driver, collecting relevant data and being able to communicate with management and customers accurately about any delivery. Dispatchers can also update and manage orders or routes in real-time , these updates are immediately sent to the driver’s app. 

Using data and analytics you can easily better understand your time windows, and bottlenecks and reach KPI targets through measuring success.

Save 20-40% on drive time and fuel. Reduced Carbon footprint.

100% reduction in human error when planning routes.

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