As any distribution company knows, the cost of operating a fleet of vehicles can quickly add up. From fuel and maintenance to labor and insurance, there are a lot of expenses to consider. However, with the help of route planning software, companies can reduce the number of assets required to distribute their goods, which in turn can significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency.

According to a study by the Aberdeen Group, companies that use route planning software can reduce the number of vehicles required to complete their routes by up to 20%. This reduction in fleet size translates to lower fuel costs, lower maintenance costs, and lower labor costs, all of which can add up to significant savings for distribution companies.

In addition to reducing fleet size, route planning software can also help companies optimize their routes to reduce miles driven, minimize idle time, and avoid traffic congestion. By doing so, companies can improve delivery times and increase customer satisfaction, which can lead to increased revenue and improved brand loyalty.

One example of a route planning solution that can help distribution companies achieve these benefits is Fleet, a powerful SAAS platform that offers advanced routing algorithms, real-time traffic data, and customizable business rules. Fleet’s software can help companies optimize their routes based on a variety of factors, including delivery windows, capacity constraints, and driver availability, among others. By using Fleet’s software, companies can reduce their costs, improve their efficiency, and deliver better customer experiences.

In addition to these benefits, Fleet’s platform also offers real-time visibility into driver locations, automated dispatching, and route deviation notifications, all of which can help companies stay on top of their deliveries and ensure that they are meeting their customers’ expectations.

In conclusion, route planning software is a powerful tool that can help distribution companies reduce their costs and increase their efficiency. By reducing fleet size, optimizing routes, and improving delivery times, companies can improve their bottom line and deliver better customer experiences. And with solutions like Fleet’s route planning software, companies can achieve these benefits with ease and confidence.

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