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Who doesn’t love free things? We all do, right?

But, it is also true that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Things that are offered for free often come with some hidden charges.

Simply put, free is never really free.

The same applies to choosing the best free route planners with unlimited stops in 2023.

If you run a business on the road, or simply deliver packages with your car, there are quite a few free route planners with multiple stops support available online, but they are mostly paid apps that offer trial versions to test out.

There are also some route planners that are really free but cannot plot a route with unlimited stops.

Some even come with features that might not be suitable for all kinds of field service and delivery businesses, so instead of calling these apps free route planners with unlimited stops, which is misleading, it is best to address them as free multi-stop route planners.

Without further ado, let’s get on with our list of the 10 best free route planners that plan routes with multiple stops, along with all their pros and cons, and advice on which is the best for all field service and delivery businesses.

  1. Fleet Route Planner and Route Optimizer
  2. Google Maps Free Route Planner with GPS for Multiple Stops
  3. Route4Me
  4. Circuit
  5. Apple Maps Free Route Planner
  6. RouteXL Route Planner
  7. Plotaroute Journey Planner
  8. MyRouteOnline
  9. SmartTruckRoute Truck GPS Navigation
  10. Speedy Route Free Route Planner 

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