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Cut missed deliveries, and cost by 30%
Fleet makes it easy to boost delivery efficiency, retain customers, scale with ease, and simplify route planning and dispatch.

Trusted by 100's of businesses big and small

How it works

Integrate your deliveries

Connect your order channels to Fleet, providing you with a single source of truth. Fleet seamlessly integrates with over 1,000 apps, ranging from Google Sheets to SAP. Click here to see a full list.

Create optimized routes

Fleet automatically dispatches and plans routes for multiple drivers, minimizing travel time and maximizing efficiency by considering distance, traffic conditions, time windows and vehicle capacity.

Dispatch to drivers

Empower your divers to efficiently navigate, update deliveries, collect delivery documents, and capture e-signatures, all through Fleet’s driver app.

Everything you need for last-mile

Dispatch & Optimization

Seamlessly assign tasks, track progress, and optimize routes. Filter, search and view orders. Dispatch in seconds using uber like vicinity dispatch. Plan routes based on time-windows and more.

Customer Tracking & Alerts

Give your customers a piece of your technology to improve customer service and expansion. In their own private and secure portal, customers can rate or review orders, track & trace,  and more.

Driver Mobile

Dispatch directly to your driver mobile app. They can see stops, get e-signatures, message dispatch, scan documents and upload pictures that go right into your transportation management solutions.

Order & Returns Management

Your all-in-one solution for streamlined order management. From orders to manifests, customers to drivers, it’s your single source of truth. An enterprise-grade software made available to businesses of all sizes, use the DMS/TMS software to better run your business.

Advanced Automations

Unlock unparalleled control and efficiency with our custom driver app settings, geofencing capabilities, automated vicinity based dispatch, and delivery automations. Set your rules, make delivery predictable, and streamline operations like never before.

Delivery Analytics

Analyze performance, boost on-time deliveries, optimize logistics costs, and streamline working hours. Gain insights from missed and successful deliveries, leveraging data for continuous improvement and cost reduction. Elevate your operations today!

Handle 2X deliveries with the same head count.

Reduce call volume by 70%.

Increase on-time delivery by 80%.

Save time on route planning, 4+ hours everyday.

Reduce dispatch time by 90%.

Get the power you need to grow your business

100% order visibility with live tracking.

Reduce losses and manage customer returns.

Analytics and reports for your entire operation.

Manage delivery payments and costs.

100% increase in customer satisfaction.

Connect to the systems you need

There is no need to have swivel chair integration problems or manual data entry just to get what you need into the system you need. Fleet connects with the other systems you need, whether it’s through native integrations, EDIs, APIs, or webhooks.

“Cost to serve has always been a big metric for us. Fleet has allowed us to reduce our average cost per delivery within 2months.”

Catherine Willow

Happy customers

“The best delivery management software I’ve worked with! Not only is everything so simple, but they have the best rates in the industry.”

Carl Wood

“How many delivery people are in the vicinity? Can it bundle a few orders?  How experienced is the delivery person? What’s the best route to reach the customer? And, would the restaurant need the same number of delivery people the following day? Fleet answered all these for us within a day!”

Leonie Vega

Don’t take our word for it, see what customers say

Happy Users

As an end consumer, you anticipate the finest delivery experience, expecting your items to arrive at the most convenient time and location for you. Your delivery experience influences your perception of a brand and greatly impacts the likelihood of future shopping with them. A bad experience will be shared with your peers.

As a customer service manager, you ensure timely responses to customer inquiries, track orders across the delivery network, and deliver exceptional experiences. As well as manage customer ratings and reviews.

As a transportation planner, you efficiently manage the entire delivery network, encompassing both owned fleets and outsourced carriers. Your critical tasks involve analyzing performance data and proactively optimizing delivery rates across multiple billing zones.

As a dispatcher, you come to your job every day knowing you can count on unpredictability. You are constantly required to react to exceptions like driver availability, delivery delays, and physical roadblocks, rather than drive proactive operations

As a driver, you efficiently unload and deliver products while minimizing wastage. Crucial to the delivery journey, you record proof of delivery and maintain communication with dispatchers, managers, and customers.

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Everything you need to know about Fleet

Yes! Use Fleets free version with all the features, the only restriction is on the number of drivers you can have on your account. Once you decide to increase your drivers one of our sales representatives will help, you still get to keep the same account.

Creating a Fleet account takes 2 minutes. Are you ready to start? Click this link to start.

Fleet offers businesses increased efficiency at every stage of the delivery process. From saving dispatchers countless hours route planning or reducing the time drivers spend at a stop, we’ve optimized every last detail of last-mile delivery to save you time and money.

Yes. We offer additional tools and plugins to manage field sales.


Using Fleet to plan and monitor your field sales team is available using our Fleet Sales Android & iOS app. 

Google maps only plans driving routes with limits of 23 addresses, it also doesn’t consider time windows and sequence that deliveries need to be completed in.

Fleet can generate routes with up-to 5,000 addresses and solves routes based on time windows, weight or volumetric volume of your vehicles, and many more constraints. Fleet also provides tools and analytics to monitor and asses routes in real time.

Arrange a call to learn more.

GPS navigation is effective if you’re planning a trip with just a single start and end point. But it’s not the right tool for planning delivery routes with multiple stops.

Fleet lets you create optimised routes based on driver availability, delivery locations, and other factors. It also offers detailed analytics to track on-time delivery rates, time per task, and distance per task.

Absolutely! Signature and photo capture are available within the driver app to make proof of delivery a breeze.

Yes. Fleet works anywhere as long as you have web connectivity. We service customers in over 30 countries and are rapidly growing. 

Fleet is a mature product built by a team of logistics professionals. Our tool considers a lot more than other offerings.

Fleet offers additional tools to track success rate of deliveries, individual items delivered per delivery, dispatch automation and more.

Yes. Fleet allows you to onboard 3rd party delivery service providers. Fleet allows you to create teams for driver groups, easily separating in-house and 3rd party Fleets.